Low-cost mediation 和 arbitration of 争端s between 房地产经纪人® members 和 their clients are conducted by the 专业标准 Committee. To file a complaint, please click on the below subject that applies to your situation. For more information please contact our 专业标准 Department at 408.445.5099.


Occasionally, REALTORS® find themselves embroiled in a 争端 with their client or another 房地产经纪人®. The SCCAOR Ombudsmen receive 和 respond to questions 和 complaints about members; can contact members to inform them that a client customer or other 房地产经纪人® has raised a question or issue; 和 can contact members to obtain information necessary to provide an informed response to the person complaining.

The 监察专员’s role is primarily one of communication 和 conciliation, not adjudication. Ombudsmen do not determine whether ethics violations have occurred, 而他们预测, 识别, 和 resolve misunderst和ings 和 disagreements before matters ripen into possible charges of unethical conduct.

If you wish the assistance of a SCCAOR 监察专员, you may call or email Christine@SCCAOR.com (prostnds@etchearte.com).

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SCCAOR can’t investigate an issue so we rely on you to submit grievance complaints. 当投诉向协会提出时, 它首先由申诉委员会审查, 一组由训练有素的经验丰富的房地产经纪人®志愿者组成. The Grievance Committee’s primary function is to determine whether or not a disciplinary complaint is appropriate for a hearing. If the Grievance Committee determines that a complaint warrants a hearing, 然后提交给专业标准委员会, also a group comprised of trained experienced Realtor® volunteers. A hearing panel will be assembled out of this committee 和 they will determine if there has been a violation of the Code of Ethics or not 和 will recommend the appropriate discipline. If you need assistance with completing your complaint, complete 和 return to prostnds@sccaor.伦理倡导的三种形式.






SCCAOR has made mediation available to its members 和 their clients as an alternative method of resolving monetary 争端s. Mediation is a voluntary 争端 resolution process designed to assist members of SCCAOR 和 their clients to settle 争端s swiftly 和 informally.

Mediation is a non-adversarial confidential process that brings disputing parties together with a neutral, unbiased third party (mediator) who assists the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement of the 争端. 调解人不做决定或实施制裁. Settlement terms are reached 和 agreed to by the parties during the mediation 和 become binding only when 和 if the parties sign a written settlement agreement.






When a monetary 争端 arises between 房地产经纪人® members 和 is brought before the association, 仲裁是强制性的, 但是双方可以选择是否先尝试调解.

在仲裁听证会上, the decision h和ed down by the Arbitration Panel is final 和 binding by law, 以及协会的章程. The failure of a party to abide by the arbitration decision can be enforced by the court.


仲裁投诉表格- 房地产经纪人®VS. 房地产经纪人®



Right to Counsel; Ethics Advocate

Any party may be represented by legal counsel or by a 房地产经纪人® (or both) at any ethics hearing, 包括评论, 即使听证会是在当事人缺席的情况下进行的. SCCAOR已经采用了伦理倡导(EA)计划, a sub-committee of the 专业标准 Committee of REALTORS® is specially trained to represent parties during the disciplinary process. The role of legal counsel or EA may include preparation for hearing, 包括准备表格和收集证据, 代表出席聆讯, including the making of opening 和 closing statements on behalf of the party represented at the hearing, 对证人进行讯问和交叉讯问, 并引入宣誓书, (二)文件及其他有关证据, 以及出席任何复审听证会, 但不包括作为证人出庭作证. In the event the parties do not give fifteen (15) days’ notice of their intention to have legal counsel or EA representation to the Association 和 all other parties, 听证会可以继续进行, 和 the party giving late notice may be assessed a continuance fee. An Association is not required to provide an EA for a party if the Association has not adopted the EA program. Where an ethics hearing takes place in a respondent’s absence, the respondent is still entitled to be represented by counsel at the hearing.


While the Code of Ethics establishes obligations that may be higher than those m和ated by law, in any instance where the Code of Ethics 和 the law conflict, 法律的义务必须优先.  Select 房地产经纪人® Code of Ethics file to view from the applicable links below:



Listen to audio clips for each Article (not including the St和ards of Practice) read by Stephen Gasque from Real Estate Today Radio.

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SCCAOR提供服务来帮助保护您的客户, yourself 和 your commissions through CAR Legal 服务 和 Risk Management programs. 服务包括免费的法律热线、 法律问 & 一个在线的标准形式.

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